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Busman's Honeymoon audio book - Savannah Martin Honeymoon Novella # 10.5

Busman's Honeymoon audio book - Savannah Martin Honeymoon Novella # 10.5

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Audio book, 3 hours, 37 minutes, narrated by Amanda Stribling, delivered by Bookfunnel

It’s official. Margaret Anne Martin’s perfect daughter, Savannah, has tied the knot with her unsuitable boyfriend Rafe Collier, and they’re off on their honeymoon to sunny Florida, courtesy of Savannah’s brother Dix and sister Catherine.

However, the happy couple barely has time to enjoy a night of nuptial bliss before they find themselves face to face with the dead body of their hostess, Frenetta Wallin, the next morning. And as soon as the local sheriff’s deputy finds out about Rafe’s criminal record, Savannah’s new husband becomes suspect Numero Uno in what might not have been a natural death.

So much for a romantic honeymoon full of sun, sand, and hot sex. 

Instead, Savannah must ferret out the truth about who wanted Frenetta dead, and why, before the sheriff can slap handcuffs on Rafe and slam the cell door behind him.

Welcome to paradise.

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